2019 Secret Santa Christmas Gift Guide

A Guide On How To Choose The Perfect Secret Santa Gift

With only a few weeks until Christmas and the festive season upon us, so we hope our 2019 Secret Santa Gift Guide will help you shop for truly great gifts that make your Secret Santa feel extra special, merry and bright!

Choosing great gifts isn’t easy because selecting the right present for the person you are buying for can be tricky. Especially when it comes to finding something that is fun, meaningful, useful, practical, creative and something that is ultimately a really great memorable gift for friends, family or work colleagues.

We have searched many sites to see what others retailers are offering this festive season. As a result of combining our holiday season research with gift giving experience, we have curated some absolutely excellent (maybe even some of the best) present choices for you on the Secret Santa Hub site.

We want to put a smile on everyone’s face this holiday season, especially in the run up to a festive Christmas time. With that we hope that our recommendations touch your Secret Santa’s heart, put a smile on their face and are ultimately memorable gifts.

Our quick guide below gives you some additional insights and suggestions  when choosing a gift and take your budget and relationship to that person into account. As well as all that, there are some genuinely great Christmas, Secret Santa and Stocking Filler Gift ideas.

Here are our top tips when choosing a present for your Secret Santa:


Respect the person you are buying for. Remember a lot of the time Secret Santa gifts are being unwrapped in front of an audience. So, unless it is Thieving Secret Santa/Stealing Secret Santa/White Elephant/Yankee Swap ( See How to Secret Santa) be aware that your Secret Santa will probably ultimately find out who you are. Not only this, but you would hate to be the reason someone feels upset by a gift, which brings us to our next point…


We have taken some of the worry out of the equation by giving you specific categories that have suitable gifts for your specific Secret Santa audience.

These are Work, Family, Friends and Pets

We thought we’d mention work specifically here. You may like to find something that is especially fitting to the work environment eg. for a colleague, management or an intern.

For this category we advise you stick to more practical gifts and have given you some useful links below. Be conscious of inside jokes or very personal gifts in the work environment that might be misinterpreted.


Shop Work

Our top 3 recommendations are:


From coffee mugs, cushioned  insoles for bosses rushing about town to classy christmas tree decorations and desk props, Secret Santa Hub has tons of great ideas for your boss.


1. Magic Sculpture Building Ball Toys:

Magic Sculpture Building Ball Toys

Encourages stress relief, creativity and enhances assembly capabilities. Improves people’s intelligence and imagination. Assemble into a variety of shapes to meet your imagination, while stimulating and exercising the left and right brain.

2. Natico Decision Maker and Paper Weight

Natico Decision Maker and Paper Weight

Makes a fun and entertaining gift for anyone in the office. Functional and easy to use as a desk organizer and paperweight. The perfect gift for any upcoming occasion. Great for the desk of any executive, analyst, psychologist, entrepreneur or investor.

3. Silicone Luggage Tag with Name ID Card

Silicone Luggage Tag with Name ID Card

Have a boss who travels a lot? These sleek looking luggage tags come in various colours and are made of quality durable silicone durability.  Small, light weight, and convenient to carry.


You’re on the same team, you can have a laugh and also know your colleagues a bit more personally probably. Find fun desk accessories, tea lover items as well as games and books here and maybe check out foodie/boozie friends too

1. Fox Tossing, Octopus Wrestling and Other Forgotten Sports

Forgotten sports

Quite the conversation starter amongst the sports fanatics at work. This book brings vividly back to life some of the most curious, dangerous and downright bizarre sports and pastimes that mankind has ever devised, before thinking better of it and erasing it from the memory.

2. English Tea Shop Organic Book Style Red Advent Calendar

English Tea Shop Organic Book Style Red Advent Calendar

For the co-worker who loves tea! English Tea Shop’s vast spectrum of gourmet teas will always leave you cheerfully surprised- from the classic English Breakfast Tea to the titillating Tisanes, all packed in lush Tea bags.

3. 2020 Instant Happy Notes Boxed Calendar: 365 Reminders to Smile and Shine!

Give your colleague a dose of instant happiness every day of 2020 with this unique, full-color boxed calendar because each day should be special. Each entry provides a new reason to smile and even includes some creative ways to spread the joy.


1. Why Steve Was Late: 101 Exceptional Excuses for Terrible TimekeepingWhy Steve Was Late

As an intern you have to at least make your boss laugh if you are late. So, here’s a laugh-out-loud funny book of excuses for terrible timekeeping. Why Steve Was Late is a book of hilarious (and even – occasionally – plausible!) reasons for tardiness, handily dreamed up by someone else

2. Grow Your OWN Bonsai Trees from Seeds

Encouraging your young talent to care and nurture for their own desk plant? Growing your own bonsai tree couldn’t be simpler. This starter kit has everything contained within it, that you will need to start growing your very Own Exciting Bonsai Trees, straight away!

3. Saving to Go Places Vintage Map Money Bank

Saving to Go Places Vintage Map Money BankWhen your intern’s year of learning is up and they deserve to grow their global work and life experience further. Help them on their next adventure.


Ho Ho Ho, a present that makes someone laugh or smile is always a winner and Secret Santa Hub certainly has plenty of fun and jolly gift ideas.

Friends tend to know each other better, you can have a laugh with them, there are plenty of inside jokes, people can mostly take a joke from a friend and you know what interests they have in sports, culture, food and travel for example. You know what their relationship status is, how your bestie may be feeling and what highs and lows they may have in their life and what gifts support that.


Shop Friends

Our top 3 recommendations are:

Active friend:

1. Sport iphone Touch Screen Glove

One of the best secret santa gifts for active friends this winter are these premium soft fabrics zero-pilling, breathable, durability, wicking and anti-static function gloves that are warm, lightweight and functional.

2. Classic Swingball

Classic Swingball

The classic swingball is an ace game to play with active friends who enjoy watching and playing tennis. An all round great, communal ballgame for active friends. Get ready for game, set, match!

3. Santa VS Jesus The Epic Party Card Game

This game may get more active than you think! Have you ever wondered, “Who rules Christmas? Santa or Jesus?” Well, it’s time to decide once and for all in SANTA VS JESUS – the hilariously EPIC Christmas party card game! Also for board game enthusiasts!

Best friend

1. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom NEW

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is a portable Bluetooth speaker with a surprisingly big sound: it has a frequency range of 80 Hz to 20 kHz, producing sound that is clear, crisp and full of big, elegant bass. This wireless Bluetooth speaker is completely waterproof and floats, making the Wonderboom ideal for showers, baths, pools, beaches, trips to the lake and river and so much more.

2. NEON 100 Neon Light Sign

NEON 100 Neon Light Sign NEW

For 100% the best! These hand made real glass tube neon signs are
the perfect gift and decoration for birthdays, valentine’s day, Christmas gifts to families, lovers, girlfriend, girls, kids etc. Various other options to choose from including skull, cloud flamigo and an array of colours.

3. Pantone coffee cup set porcelain

Pantone coffee cup set porcelain

Available in various colours. Sip your hot drink in style with this colourful range of Pantone cups. Inspired by Pantone Colour charts, the cups are glazed with a pattern resembling the iconic Pantone Colour Chip. Great for the home, office or given as a gift

Foodie/boozie friend

1. Fat-Free Hot Air Popcorn Maker with 6 Popcorn Boxes

Fat-Free Hot Air Popcorn Maker with 6 Popcorn Boxes

For those who love entertaining. Enjoy home-made popcorn in your own home! Measuring spoon and 6 Popcorn Boxes Included
Create your own flavours of popcorn! From Sweet & Buttery all the way to Parmesan Cheese & Bacon. Or create healthier flavours by using herbs & spices

2. Fresh Pasta Maker Machine

Fresh Pasta Maker Machine

Whether it’s lasagne, spaghetti or creative noodles you are serving. This double cutter pasta machine is made of high quality heavy duty stainless steel, durable construction, easy to use and easy to clean, perfect for making a range of fresh homemade pasta dishes. A must for foodie friends!

3. World Beer Christmas Advent Calendar – 24 Bottle 2019 Edition

Beer Advent calendar

Welcome to an exciting countdown to Christmas and a time for entertaining! This Beer Advent Calendar contains 24 hand-picked World Beers which will give you the opportunity to sample your way to Christmas.

Naughty friend

1. Quick And Dirty – An Offensively Fun Party Game

quick and dirtyA fast, fun, party game – Rewards quick wits and dirty minds! Great for groups – Supports 2-20+ players. Players can join and leave anytime!
Optional drinking rules – Works brilliant as a drinking game to break the ice and start the night.

2. Christmas Tea Towels Set- Holly Jolly Christmas and Naughty or Nice

naughty or nice

Set of two Christmas towels – one says Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, one Naughty or Nice Decisions Decisions. For some subtle naughty friend gift-giving.

3. Christmas Pudding Nipple Tassels

Christmas Pudding Nipple Tassels

A great Christmas stocking filler. A sexy little gift with humor that puts a smile on everyones face.


As with most dinner party and extensive family gathering rules, similarly gifting rules apply. Steer clear of political, sexual innuendos or making people feel potentially uncomfortable or upset, unless you 100% know how these gifts will be received.

For the Family, keep things jolly and bright  with joyful, fun, practical gifts and enjoy time together opening stockings and presents, having Christmas dinner to snoozing after cheese and wine watching Christmas TV.

Remember, your nearest and dearest tend to be a category that you would spend a bit more money on when getting them something special and they may also already have a wish. We have made this category a little more extravagant with a £30+ Secret Santa Category.


Shop Family

Our top 3 recommendations are:


1. Naipo Neck and Back Heated Massage Pillow Cushion with Deep Shiatsu Kneading

Help your hard working mum and dad relax with this soothing Secret Santa gift. 4 Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Massage Nodes: mimic the kneading and penetrating motions of a real massage therapist’s hands, helps to relax and relieve muscle tension in the car, office and home.

2. Man Hacks: Handy Hints to Make Life Easier 

man hacks

Have you ever been faced with the devastating situation of having a bottle of beer but no opener? Have you ever wondered if there s a better way to roll up your shirt sleeves? Never too old for new tricks! Let Man Hacks help the men in family succeed even more.

3. Sonos One (Gen 2) – The powerful Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa Built-in


Sounds a lot like Christmas! Great music sound with Alexa personal assistant.

Grand Parents

1. Fitbit Inspire Health & Fitness TrackerFor Grandparents wanting to get fit. All-Day Activity Tracking for Sleep Tracking is ideal to motivate them.

2. Jumbo Wasgij Christmas Santa’s Unexpected Delivery Jigsaw


A great one for the whole family to concentrate on. The Wasgij Christmas follows the unique Wasgij Original ‘what are they looking at?’ puzzle concept. Can you guess?

3. Personalised Family Christmas Xmas Tree Bauble Decoration Ornament

A sweet tree ornament for the grandparents this Christmas to remind them of all all their wonderful grandchildren. A truly memorable Secret Santa gift.


1. Bath Basket Ball

The amazing basket ball tub game is a safe indoor hoops sport toy and it is super easy to install. A great bathtime game for adults and kids!

2. Bubble Wand, 3 Style Giant Bubbles


Kids will have tons of fun with this adjustable bubble wand. Suitable for all adults and children blowing bubble enthusiast, there are three bubble ropes that can be changed with 6 string lengths.

3. Colour Your Own: Christmas Table Cloth

colour table cloth

Keep the kids busy with plenty of additional Christmas cheer! This 130cm x 175cm colour your own Christmas table cloth will help family bonding while scribbling, colouring, chatting and eating.


1. RockJam RJSC01-BK Singcube Bluetooth Karaoke Machine



For all the pop and rock stars out there! Connect with your mobile devices in seconds via Bluetooth or the Auxiliary port to get your karaoke tunes or just general listening started in seconds

2. Rocket Games Emojinary Board Game

Everyone knows emojis – but how quickly can you work out what they are trying to say? Your skills are tested with four fun party classics – “guessing”, “spotting”, “drawing” and “acting”!

3. Potensic GPS Drone with 1080P camera


Convenient and Easy: With a Aluminum Silver Carry Case, you could bring it with you anywhere outdoors. Headless Mode, Altitude Mode and One Key to Take-off / Land function making it easy for kids or beginners to use.

Finally, and mostly for fun, we wanted to give our furry friends a mention. They are the ones that give us unconditional love and don’t require a gift but who would love an extra special treat this Christmas.


Shop Pets

Our top 3 recommendations are:


Cat Senses Play Circuit

Appeals to your cat’s senses of sight, sound and touch which are key when hunting prey.


Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera with 2-Way-Audio

Secret Santa Gift Dog Camera

SEE — 1080p Full HD Camera & Night Vision: With Full HD, 160º wide-angle, 4x zoom and night vision, you will be able to see your dog clearly day and night.
TALK — 2-Way Chat & Barking Alert: Furbo will notify you when it senses your dog barking. Know what’s going on at home and talk to calm your dog down.
PLAY — Fun Treat Tossing: Play remotely by tossing treats to your dogs via the free Furbo iOS/Android app. Fill Furbo with over 100 pieces of your dogs’ favourite treats & play a game of catch. Recommended treat size: 1cm.

Other animals

Pet Bird Parrot Cage Toy, Bird Hanging Swing Chewing Perches

Secret Santa Bid toy

Colorful Birds Toy Set :5 different type colorful birds toy for your lovely bird to hang chew sew etc. Made of the natural wood , non-toxic materials,it is safe for bird. Colorful, beautiful, your parrot will surely enjoy it F un to play, climb and rest, relieves boredom and increases activity level.

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