2019 Secret Santa Christmas Gift Guide

A Guide On How To Choose The Perfect Secret Santa Gift

With only a few weeks until Christmas and the festive season upon us, we hope our guide will help you shop for truly great gifts that make your Secret Santa feel extra special, merry and bright!

Choosing great gifts isn’t easy. Selecting the right present for the person you are buying for can be tricky, especially when it comes to finding something that is fun, meaningful, useful, practical, creative and ultimately a really great memorable gift for friends, family or work colleagues.

We have searched many sites to see what others retailers are offering this festive season. Combined with our holiday season research and gift giving experience, we have curated some absolutely excellent (maybe even some of the best) present choices for you on the Secret Santa Hub site.

We want to put a smile on everyone’s face this holiday season especially in the run up to a festive Christmas time. With that we hope that our recommendations touch your Secret Santa’s heart, put a smile on their face and are ultimately memorable gifts.

Our quick guide below gives you some additional insights and suggestions  when choosing a gift and take your budget and relationship to that person into account. As well as all that, there are some genuinely great Christmas, Secret Santa and Stocking Filler Gift ideas.

Here are our top tips when choosing a present for your Secret Santa:


Respect the person you are buying for. Remember a lot of the time Secret Santa gifts are being unwrapped in front of an audience. So, unless it is Thieving Secret Santa/Stealing Secret Santa/White Elephant/Yankee Swap ( See How to Secret Santa) be aware that your Secret Santa will probably ultimately find out who you are. Not only this, but you would hate to be the reason someone feels upset by a gift, which brings us to our next point…


We have taken some of the worry out of the equation by giving you specific categories that have suitable gifts for your specific Secret Santa audience.

These are Work, Family, Friends and Pets

We thought we’d mention work specifically here. You may like to find something that is especially fitting to the work environment eg. for a colleague, management or an intern.

For this category we advise you stick to more practical gifts and have given you some useful links below. Be conscious of inside jokes or very personal gifts in the work environment that might be misinterpreted.

Shop Work

Our top 3 recommendations are:





Ho Ho Ho, a present that makes someone laugh or smile is always a winner and Secret Santa Hub certainly has plenty of fun and jolly gift ideas.

Friends tend to know each other better, you can have a laugh with them, there are plenty of inside jokes, people can mostly take a joke from a friend and you know what interests they have in sports, culture, food and travel for example. You know what their relationship status is, how your bestie may be feeling and what highs and lows they may have in their life and what gifts support that.

Shop Friends

Our top 3 recommendations are:

Active friend

Best friend

Foodie/boozie friend

Naughty friend


As with most dinner party and extensive family gathering rules, similarly gifting rules apply. Steer clear of political, sexual innuendos or making people feel potentially uncomfortable or upset, unless you 100% know how these gifts will be received.

For the Family, keep things jolly and bright  with joyful, fun, practical gifts and enjoy time together opening stockings and presents, having Christmas dinner to snoozing after cheese and wine watching Christmas TV.

Remember, your nearest and dearest tend to be a category that you would spend a bit more money on when getting them something special and they may also already have a wish. We have made this category a little more extravagant with a £30+ Secret Santa Category.

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Our top 3 recommendations are:


Grand Parents




Finally, and mostly for fun, we wanted to give our furry friends a mention. They are the ones that give us unconditional love and don’t require a gift but who would love an extra special treat this Christmas.

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Our top 3 recommendations are:



Other animals